Facebook is changing its reporting methodology and you might get a shock!

First Facebook announced that everyone’s news feed would be dramatically changing and now they have dropped the bomb that they way that they report your page reach will undergo a change as well. Oh, and that your stats will likely drop because of this. Before you start to panic, we have all the information that you need to know right over here. Read More

6 new ways to increase your Instagram presence

Instagram has come a long way; it is no longer just a visual diary or snapshots, it has evolved to be one of the biggest marketing platforms with the ability to appeal to consumers in a creative and engaging way while still being able to give business owners insight into engagement reports. With this in mind, it’s only sensible that you would want to own as much space on your followers timeline as possible. Not sure how to get that right? We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve… Read More

Whatsapp is launching brand new business tools, and they’re going to be amazing for your escort business!

With all the changes in algorithms on pretty much all of the social media platforms, small (and large) businesses everywhere have been less than pleased recently. But, Whatsapp has come to the rescue, and hopefully this news will put a smile on your face because it is going to be a game changer for your escort business. Read More

How to beat the new Instagram algorithm

Instagram is changing the game…again! It feels like only a week or so that they changed their algorithm and now they’re back at it again. It can get incredibly annoying for those of us who are trying to run a small business like being an escort. Luckily we have the scoop so that you can start to plan your content in line with all the new happenings. Here are some tips to keep your posts as visible as possible, despite the new algorithm. Read More