4 easy ways to improve your SEO right now

So, you’re ready to tackle the SEO dragon, well done, only good things can come from this!

Before you start with the super technical stuff, why not make some slight changes on your website that are quick and easy and will absolutely help not only your SEO, but your Google ranking and clicks to site as well! Here are our 4 easy ways to improve your SEO right now.

Keep your domain name short and sweet: this is more applicable if you are still building your website and choosing your domain name. Google prefers it when things are uncomplicated (don’t we all?) and so keeping your domain name on the shorter side of things scores some points in their books. Also make a point to leave out characters and numbers if possible.

The same can be said for your URLs: besides being great for your SEO and Google ranking, it helps you to keep your site more organised. When redoing your URL’s, try to concentrate on the most important words that sum up what your article is about.

Make sure your site is easy to navigate: remember how Google likes uncomplicated domain names? Well it also likes uncomplicated websites and takes user experiences seriously. You want to have your navigation menu easily visible and easy to use. Have your content organised in the correct categories within your menu, but be careful not to have too many different categories, you want to keep it to the main ones like an about page, contact page, gallery and blog.

Use good text anchors for your links: internal links within your content are important, they help your SEO and they increase the clicks on your site. However, make sure that you are not making a one big mistake, and that is not having quality anchor text for your links. Words like “here” or “this article” are not great to use for internal links, rather use words that describe the article that you are linking to. For example, if you are linking to your contact page, you could use something like “make sure to contact me for a guaranteed fun night”.

Did you learn something new from this article?

If you have already done all of the above, don’t worry, we will be giving you some more advanced tips in a blog post soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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