4 social media trends coming in 2018

Can you believe that 2018 is just a few weeks away, where has time gone?! A new year means new trends, even in social media. Those in the know have released what they believe will be the most popular trends next year and we have the scoop for you.

  1. Increasing popularity of Instagram Stories: The newest offering from Instagram has over 200 million users, that’s more than 50 million people than Snapchat. Taking this into consideration, when 2018 rolls around, half of all Instagram users will be using Stories.
  2. A lot more live streaming: This is a fab way to connect with your followers and it’s set to become even more popular. It’s a good idea to start to build live streams into your monthly content plan.
  3. Giving Twitter a second thought: Surprisingly, Twitter has the least users compared to Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn. This means that in 2018, many aspects may be revamped, including the advertising options and even selling the company to private investors.
  4. Ephemeral content will be king: Ephemeral is the new buzz word in digital marketing. Basically what it is, is short lived media accessible for 24 hours, the first things that come to your mind will probably be Instagram Stories. This kind of marketing has been shown to increase engagement and is especially popular on mobile devices.

Keep these four points in mind when you start putting together your marketing plan for next year so you stay current with all the changes happening in the social media world!

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