5 Escort Website Mistakes to Avoid

Wondering the secret of the perfect escort website? Sometimes it’s not so much what you should do, but what you shouldn’t do that’s the secret. Here are 5 common website mistakes to avoid on your adult entertainer website.

1. Bad Photos

We talk a lot about photos around here, but we can’t stress enough how important it is to have at least a few good pics on your escort website. Your photos don’t have to be professional (a few good selfies will do!) but photos that are out of date, have bad lighting, or no personality can turn off potential clients right from the start.

Here are some of our favorite photo tips to help you spruce up your site:

2. Typos

There’s nothing worse than when someone claims to be well-read or well-educated then litters their website with typos and just bad writing. You don’t need to be a novelist, but making sure the copy on your site is clean and polished will go a long way towards impressing your clients.

Need help? Ask a friend to take a look and see what they think. Or, if you aren’t comfortable sharing your website with someone you know, ask for opinions in our forum. Your friendly fellow users can weigh in.

Looking for more help? Here are 5 copy tips to help you spruce up your site.

3. Cliches

“I’m not a clock-watcher”, “I truly love what I do,” “Atlanta’s best GFE.” Any of these sound familiar? That’s because there are a few common phrases that get thrown around on a lot of escort websites. Ditch the cliches and show your personality. Write about your ideal session with a client. Share some of your favorite things. Show admirers who they’ll meet when they make a date with you. Here are a few more tips for helping your escort website stand out.

4. Saying Too Much or Too Little

Finding the right balance of saying just enough to be enticing but not so much that you give it all away can be difficult. Admirers want to know about you, but they don’t want to read a novel. Include the important details and show what makes you unique (see #3 above), but stop before you give too much away. Save your longer personal anecdotes for your blog or for an actual date with an admirer.

5. Never Updating Your Site

Never updating your site can result in outdated photos that don’t really look like you and clients getting bored. Regularly changing up your photos, descriptions, blog posts, etc. will keep your admirers coming back for more and will show you mean business. Give your site an overhaul every 3 to 6 months. Write up some fresh descriptions and post new photos. An added bonus is that Google loves it when you add new content, which can help you show up higher in search results.

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