5 items you need on your escort website homepage

Your homepage is the first thing potential clients see when visiting your website, it’s their very first impression of you, so it’s in your best interest that it’s in tip top shape. Here are 5 items you need on your homepage:

  1. Your title and tagline: make sure this is catchy and that they look absolutely perfect. This is how you and your brand will be known so pay tons of attention to this.
  2. Phone number: some clients still prefer to phone to make a booking so make sure that your phone number is visible for them to use.
  3. Saucy photos: give your readers a little taste of what they could experience if they book you. Ensure that your images are high resolution and not pixelated.
  4. Alluring text: create a story for your potential clients so that they are can’t think of anything
    but to book you and your services.
  5. Links to other sites: if you aren’t trading links with escort websites in the same niche as you, you need to up your game! Having links of other sites (they will then have your link on their site) really helps your traffic and growth

Hop over to your website and tick off what you already have displayed on your homepage and make notes of the ones you still need to include. Good luck!

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  • The Goddess

    Seriously? These are general no brainers!! No new material or personal tips. Same regurgitated tips! Please do better

    • Xtreme Studios

      How rude this ment for the newbes its not all about you old timers. I think that’s great information and I thank you

      • Thank you, be sure to check back on Tuesdays and Thursdays for our latest posts!

    • We’re sorry you didn’t find the tips useful. Please understand we keep everyone in mind when writing posts, including those new to the industry. Many people creating a website for the first time are often overwhelmed and miss things more experienced individuals know to include on their sites. If you have any topics you would like to see us discuss on the blog feel free to let us know!