5 must haves for your escort website

So your website is all set up and ready to go, but you’re not 100% sure what essentials you need on your homepage to help you increase your clientele.

No need to worry, we’ve got you covered!

  1. Calendar: One of the biggest hassles is the to and fro messages and phone calls with clients trying to schedule them into your diary. If you have a calendar on your website that you keep up to date, your client can simply contact you and request a slot where they see you are not booked or out of town. If your calendar is quite busy, it’s a very reassuring sign for potential clients, it shows them that you are reputable and are popular.
  2. Map: you want clients to be able to find you, don’t you? Most people use iMaps or Google Maps these days to get them to their destination, make sure that your site has a map to make things easier for your clients.
  3. FAQ : another very time consuming hassle is answering the same questions over and over again. Save yourself the trouble by having an FAQ page on your site. If a potential client is new to the escort game, this will also help them feel a lot more at ease with your service you are will be providing.
  4. Expectations: while we are on the subject of the services you provide, this is something that should be quite clear on your site for a few reasons. First off, it will mean that you don’t have to keep on answering this same question, but it will also give your potential clients an idea of your boundaries or even get them excited to try some things that they haven’t before.
  5. Up to date news: are you travelling to a different town for a little while, perhaps you have had some new photo’s taken, or maybe you’re offering a special; make an effort to keep your website updated with all of your news and latest happenings so that your loyal and potential clients can keep up with you.

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