5 Points For Keyword SEO Success

Recently there have been a lot of SEO-related enquiries. Many of you are actively educating yourselves on search engine optimization basics. This is great to see because there is a lot to be gained from improving your site’s SEO.

Keyword-related questions appear the hot topic of the moment. Here’s an outline of best practices for using keywords on your site:

1. What’s the point?
Search engine optimization for your escort site is the process of trying to get to the top of Google. Seeing as Google doesn’t allow escorts to use Adwords, it’s the only way. If you service New York then you know how much ranking at the top of Google for “New York Escort” is worth to you. It’s a vital aspect of marketing your escort website effectively.

2. What keywords?
Coming up with the keywords you want to rank well in Google for is not difficult. It’s just a matter of thinking “what words, if I ranked at the top in Google, would bring me clients?” Taking the example from above, perhaps you’re a TS BBW based in Manhattan. You’d want to rank for keywords like “New York Escort,” “New York TS Escort,” “Manhattan Escort,” etc. So the keywords you’ll focus your SEO efforts on will be something like “New York, escorts, Manhattan, BBW, big beautiful woman, transsexual, TS”.

With this list of keywords you now know what you want Google to see your site as being relevant to. Your goal is to make it so when someone asks Google for “Manhattan TS escort,” Google sees your site as the most relevant to that search and pops you at the top of the rankings. There’s a ton of different ways to achieve this — on-page keyword strategy is what this post is focused on.

3. Include them in your site, naturally
Now that you have a list of keywords you want to rank for, include them in your site’s copy. Don’t add in a massive list of keywords to the bottom of your About page and think you’re being really clever — Google isn’t fooled so easily. Not to mention how bad it would make your site look. Don’t forget you want people to book when they land on your site, not be forced to navigate their way through all your keyword stuffing.

The trick is to add keywords naturally. Instead of writing:

I’m an elite escort for the discerning gentleman.


I’m an elite transsexual escort, based out of Manhattan, New York. I service discerning gentleman.

The sentence still sounds good for all your website visitors. Plus, you’ve included 5 of your most important keywords (transsexual, escort, Manhattan, New York). Rinse and repeat this process on all of your site’s pages. Eventually you’ll end up with a certain percentage of your site’s text being your keywords. Yes, there is probably a perfect percentage but, no, I can’t tell you what it is. If your text is painful to read because of your keyword stuffing, you’ve gone too far.

4. Prominence = Importance
Google also looks at what words display prominently on a page to help determine what it’s about. If a page title contains keywords, then chances are the page is about the said keyword. To help Google know what your page is about, try including a keyword or 2 in your page title, tagline, menu name, or subtitle.

Just make sure not to make your titles too long or unnatural sounding. As with including keywords in your body text, keep it natural!

5. Meta info
Finally we come to meta info. That’s the box at the bottom of your escort page editor. Because it’s the first place people try to game Google, it’s the last place they look to see what your site’s about. Include a few keywords but also consider how it impacts your listing on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

A while back I wrote a post that was supposedly making escort meta information easy. Although I’m now cringing looking at all the text and arrows, it does contain some useful info. The default meta info we put into your site on signing up is fine but if you want to educate yourself a bit, the post is useful.

The escort SEO industry seems to attract plenty of sharks. Run this quick screening test for any escort SEO company promising the world, before you hand over the reigns and your hard earned cash.

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