5 Questions For A Great Escort Domain Name

Your domain name is your website address. It’s how you get found on the internet. A great storefront location is invaluable to a shop, domain names are no different.

1. What’s your working name?
If you call yourself Paulina Peaks then include one of those names in your domain. When people google your name, you’ll want it to be in the results.

2. Where do you work?
Your location is another keyword you’ll want to rank well for in google. If you service New York then consider including that in your domain name, it’ll help you rank well when it’s googled.

3. What’s available?
The shorter and more generic the domain name you want, the more likely it’ll be taken. What’s available for registration (about $30 through a domain registration), particularly .com names, is limited. If you’ve got cash to burn, checkout sedo or other places to buy domains already registered.

4. What defines you?
If you can’t find a domain within your budget that uses a combination of your name and location, think about adding a descriptive word into the mix. Are you BBW or petite? Slim or busty? These words would also be useful to rank for.

5. Can I make it shorter?
How’s your name looking so far? Keep in mind that with domains, shorter is better. Easier to remember, quicker to type (especially on those touch screen mobiles) and preferred by google. If you are considering adding another word (eg that’ll help make your domain rank for your name, location or what defines you) when your current domain is available, think again.

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