5 Reasons Independent Escorts Need a Website

If you don’t have an escort site yet, we’ve got 5 good reasons you need one, stat!

1. It’s Free Traffic

Google yourself. What comes up? Your listing on a directory, classified, or forum? That could be your personal escort website. Instead of clicking on your escort site, a client searching for you clicks on your directory listing and is soon dragged away to all the other escorts listed on that site.

This isn’t a post about escort search engine optimization, but take my word for it, you can get plenty of free traffic from Google with your own escort website.

2. You Get More Value From Your Marketing Efforts

If clients can only find you through your paid classified listings then you need to keep paying for them to remain visible. Adding a link to your independent escort site from these listings means that visitors can find you directly in the future, no need to trawl those classifieds to find you again.

So now you’re arguing “well, keeping a classified online is cheaper than a website” but you’d be wrong. There are plenty of totally free escort websites to be enjoyed. Combine those paid classified listings with a website and you’re getting a constant stream of new visitors, plus all the ones that fell in love the first time around and keep returning.

3. You’re Easy to Reach

Keeping track of your listings on those 12 review sites, 32 directories, and 7 classified sites sucks. It’s hard enough remembering all your login info, so how many of them did you update with that new number you got last week? And how many bookings did that old email address that’s still listed but you never used cost you? Having your own website allows you to update all of your contact info in one place.

Your website acts as your online hub. If someone likes your listing, you can bet they’re going to check out your website before reaching out to you. Keeping your website contact info up-to-date increases the chances of being reached.

4. It Lets Clients Experience YOU

You’re in the business of creating an experience for your clients. Let that experience begin from the moment they land on your modern escort site with your stunning photos running across the top.┬áRegardless of your style, let the sensual experience start before a client has even made contact. In fact, let it be the reason they make contact.

5. You Look Professional

The design is just the beginning. Set up your independent escort site with a catchy domain.com. Reply to your emails from info@domain.com. How much more professional does that make you look? Would you feel more reassured emailing info@domain.com or sassygirl4uallday@gmail.com?

With a reliable host that is happy to work with escorts, your site is always online. Why rely on other places you advertise to keep their sites running?

Once upon a time, the difficulty and expense of setting up your own independent escort site was a huge hurdle to all of these benefits. Even just a few years ago the hassles may not have been worth your while. The online landscape has evolved. You can get your own stunning, easy to manage escort site online within minutes and free. Your site could have been online quicker than the time it took you to reach this last sentence.

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