5 Tips for Your Escort Blog

Hopefully you’ve already added a blog to your adult entertainment website. (If you missed the memo, we’ve added a blogging feature at Escort Design! Woot!) A blog is the perfect way to show admirers a little more about you and keep returning clients coming back for more juicy details.


Here are a few tips for writing an adult entertainer blog:

1. Be yourself!

The whole reason your clients are reading your blog is to learn more about YOU! Here’s your opportunity to share all the little things about yourself that wouldn’t fit on your About page. Use your blog to show clients what they can expect when they meet you. Describe your ideal client session in delicious detail. Here’s where you can really show your personality and get admirers hooked.

Just make sure you stay true to your personality and style as you write. Think about how you would talk to a client in an intimate phone conversation or to a friend over a glass of wine and try to capture that when you blog. (But don’t forget about grammar and spelling! Typos can be a major turn-off).

2. Post Regularly

There’s nothing more disappointing than eagerly clicking over to someone’s blog only to see they haven’t posted in 6 months. If you’re going to blog, you need to commit to it. That doesn’t mean you have to religiously post every day — not many people have that much to say — but a post every few days or at minimum once a week should satisfy your readers.

3. Keep it Interesting

When you go to blog, think about what your clients will really want to hear about. Do they want the juicy details from your latest tour or  or do they want to hear about what you ate for breakfast? (Hey, maybe you can describe your morning meal in a salacious, satisfying way that reels your readers in. If so, go for it! For the rest of us, let’s stick with something a little more compelling).

Had an exciting night dancing at the club? Itching to give tips for how to prepare for your first session with a dominatrix? Blog about it! Your blog is also the perfect place to give details about your upcoming tours, events, or offer special deals to your devoted readers.

4. Use Images

Men (and women!) are visual creatures. While you should definitely keep uploading your latest professional photos in your Photo Gallery and on your homepage (here are some tips for making the most of your photo gallery), your blog is the perfect place to share some more casual shots.

Just bought some great new lingerie? Or got some new tools of the trade you can’t wait to try out? Snap a quick pic and post it to your blog.

5. Share!

Don’t forget to share your blog posts on social media to let your loyal followers know when there’s something new for them to read. Twitter is the great place to spread the word (and here’s some more info about using Twitter if you’re an adult entertainer).

How’s your blogging going? Let us know in the comments.

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