5 Ways The Google +1 Button Helps Your Escort Website Marketing

June 28, 2011 last year was the date google launched their Google+ product. It’s basically a facebook-style social media product. With one small difference. It’s run by Google & activity on Google+ can affect how your site is displayed and ranked in the google search engines. Here’s 5 ways you can use it as part of your free escort site marketing:

1. Show up on a Google+ user’s wall
This button is a way that internet users can vouch for your web page. Add the google+ button to your escort website then when it gets clicked, your website will get posted to that users wall on google+. Instantly giving your site exposure to everyone who has that user in their circle.


2. Show up in the Google+ search engine
At the top of the Google+ page there’s a search box. Only content on the Google+ site shows up when it’s used. eg a search of ‘new york escorts’ shows the wall posts related to that search, along with pages that have been +1’d with those keywords. As you can see there are already a couple of savvy marketers who have got themselves ranking in Google+. Ranking now will be easier than ever as not many people are doing it.


3. Improve your Google search engine rankings for their friends
Google uses the +1 button to help gauge the popularity of your web page. They assume that if 2 people are friends on Google+ (ie in each other’s circles) then they’ll be interested in similar things. Lets use Steve and Thomas as examples. They are friends on Google+ (in each other’s circles). If Steve clicks the +1 button on your page, when Thomas does a google search for a topic related to your site, your page will show up high in the rankings and say that Thomas +1’d it. Steve will see that Thomas liked your page and so will be more likely to click on it!

You can see how if people have 100s of friends in their circles, pretty soon your site will be ranking highly for a huge group of people.

4. Improve your Google search engine rankings for everyone else
Google extends this vouching for sites to all of its users. The more times your site has been +1’d, the more popular your site appears to google and the higher you’ll rank for everyone.

5. Improve the click-through-rate of your Google rankings
You may have noticed the way thumbnails are displaying in Google search results these days:

If you setup your Google+ profile and include your website address, Google recognizes that the content belongs to you and may put your thumbnail alongside your listing.

Jump on Google+ and add the google+ button to your escort website for immediate, free marketing benefits! Feel free to add me or escortdesign.com to your circles too!

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