5 Great Ideas for Your Custom Page

So you read our post about how to add a custom page to your escort site, but now what? If you’re left scratching your head, here are some ideas to customize your site with. Try them out and switch things up – Google likes it when you keep your site fresh! Let us know what you’ve tried in the comments, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need help. Without further ado, here are five excellent ideas for your custom page:

1. FAQ

Save yourself time responding to emails or phone calls by nipping those common questions in the bud. Including frequently asked questions on your escort site can make new clients feel more comfortable and prevent people from pestering you too.



2. Calendar

A calendar can save you time too, because clients won’t have to call or write to find out when you’re in town. If you run an agency, a calendar can display who is available on which days. And in addition to the obvious benefits, a calendar also serves as a sign of life, reassuring site visitors that your site contains the latest and most relevant information. Read how to add a Google calendar to your escort site for step-by-step instructions.



3. Expectations

This type of page can alert clients as to what they can expect from you, as well as what behavior you expect from them. This too can help deter clients who might waste your time and save you the trouble of explaining the same thing over and over.



4. News

Like an up-to-date calendar, a news section on your escort site expresses that you’re actively updating your site and serving clients. Whether you’re traveling, offering a special, joining an agency, or adding new services, news updates keep your clients in the loop. Here’s how to create a news page for your escort site.



5. Map

Whether you run an escort agency or simply want your incalls to be able to easily find you, it isn’t hard to add a free map to your escort site using Google Maps. Learn how to incorporate a map in your escort site here.


Any other ideas of how to use your escort site’s custom page? Let us know in the comments below!

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