6 new ways to increase your Instagram presence

Instagram has come a long way; it is no longer just a visual diary or snapshots, it has evolved to be one of the biggest marketing platforms with the ability to appeal to consumers in a creative and engaging way while still being able to give business owners insight into engagement reports. With this in mind, it’s only sensible that you would want to own as much space on your followers timeline as possible. Not sure how to get that right? We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve…

  1. Have a theme: Instagram is a visual platform – looks are everything! Having some form of theme will make your feed look more cohesive and appealing. One of the best ways to do
    this is to use the same filter on every single image. One of the best apps to use for this is VSCO, but you can also just use the Instagram filters, just remember to tone them down a
    little bit!
  2. Interact with your followers: Make a point of responding to as many comments as you can.
    If your followers take time to leave a meaningful comment, you should reciprocate. This will make them feel appreciated and will instill a sense of trust in you, two essential aspects if you are hoping to secure a booking.
  3. Be picky with your content: It can be so tempting to post every cup of coffee and every #OOTD to Instagram, but it’s a really good idea to be a bit pickier about what you put up on the grid. You want to keep your theme consistent, never post subpar images and you want all your content to be specific to your brand.
  4. Go live: Instagram Live is an incredible tool to interact with your followers, just make sure that you don’t always make it about marketing. A great idea could be a live Q and A, or a “get ready for a date with me”. It’s important to give your followers some notice about when you will be going live so that they can make sure to tune in. After you have finished your live
    video, use the option to save it so that those who couldn’t watch it live, can still watch it within 24 hours.
  5. Start using Instagram Stories: These are so powerful, if you aren’t using them, you are seriously missing out! Not only are they a really easy way to interact with your followers but they are also a guaranteed way for your content to be seen which is fantastic now that Instagram has changed its algorithm…again.
  6. Embrace the Instagram community: One of the best things you can do to make your content appear on your follower’s timelines, is to be active on Instagram. This means that you should be liking and commenting on as many posts as you can, especially those that are in your niche. Showing support to others will only make you better known, leading to more followers and more bookings.

Creating the perfect Instagram feed that has a great engagement rate can be tricky, and it does take time but it is so, so worth it, so keep at it!

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