7 Steps to a Perfect Escort Website

You may have noticed something new pop-up in your Escort Design site dashboard lately. Welcome to your Content Wizard! Just signed up for your entertainer website? Or just not really sure where to start when it comes to setting up your website? That’s where the Content Wizard comes in! This magical-sounding feature will help you create the perfect escort website in 7 easy steps. Just click the + next to the Wizard to get started.


 Step 1: Complete Your Profile

Your profile is an important part of your entertainer website. Not only will it help new admirers learn more about you when they land on your website, but it will also help members of PureVIP.com find you in their handy search tool.


At the very least, you should add a profile image and a few basic stats like your location, gender, and some of your physical characteristics. But more info is better here!

 Step 2: Upload Photos

Photos are one of the most important parts of your entertainer website. We recommend adding at least 5-10 to get started.


If you add 10 or more photos in a gallery, or upload a video, you’re eligible to apply for membership in the Pure VIP Gold Pass network and can start making money from your locked content.

Step 3: Write a Blog Post

An escort blog is the perfect place to share some of the intimate details of your world with your admirers. And guess what! A blog is already built into your website. Just click over to your Blog page to get started.


And if you’re a member of the Gold Pass network, you can lock up your steamiest blog posts just for Gold Pass holders.

Step 4: Add Your Rates

To keep your entertainer site streamlined and organized, we’ve built in a handy rates table on your rates page. Go ahead and add your suggested donation for your potential clients.


Step 5: Edit Your Home Page

We’ve added some basic text for you, in case you’re suffering from a little writer’s block. But to make your website your own, go ahead and edit your Home Page copy. This is a good place to give a general description of what kind of services you offer, a few details about you, and offer a welcome to new and current clients.


Step 6: Edit About Page

The profile table you already edited in step 1 goes on your About page, but here’s where you can go into a bit more detail about yourself, your style, your favorite things, etc. Go ahead and edit the copy we’ve provided to give admirers a little more insight into your world.


Step 7: Edit Your Contact Page

Have specific instructions for how you’d like your admirers to get in touch? Here’s where to share that info. Go ahead and personalize this page to ensure your admirers can reach you.


Once you’ve completed these 7 steps, your wizard will reach 100% and your entertainer website will be in tip-top shape.

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