7 Ways to Hide Your Face in Escort Photos

When you’re getting ready to post new entertainer photos on your escort website, you’re probably wondering how best to balance your privacy with enticing new admirers. You want to show off your best assets, but you probably don’t want to reveal your identity to everyone who comes across your adult website. Fortunately, there are ways to artfully preserve your privacy while still showing off your sexy self. Alexa, the amazing talent behind Black Lotus Photo, was kind enough to share her best tips on how to hide your face in escort photos. Here’s how:

1. Turn Away from the Camera

Photo of Paige Belle c/o Black Lotus Photo

Photo of Paige Belle c/o Black Lotus Photo

Try posing with your back to the camera instead of facing front. You can still show off without showing face. Just make sure the pose looks purposeful and not like you accidentally looked away. Experiment with shots taken completely from the back, looking over your shoulder, or to the side.

2. Artfully Crop


Photo of Nyomi Blu c/o Black Lotus Photo

Cropping your photo with just a hint of your lovely face can be a great way to tease without giving it all away. A small peek at your lips and chin without showing all of the details can still give admirers an idea of what you look like without giving away your identity. Experiment with different crops until you find the right spot.

3. Blur Your Face


Photo of Nyomi Blu c/o Black Lotus Photo

Blurring your face is probably the most common way to hide your face in escort photos and is probably the easiest. While you take your photos, you don’t have to worry about hiding your face, just be your sexy self.

If you have photos taken by a professional, they can usually blur your face for you. If you’d like to do it yourself, here’s our post on how to blur your face in escort photos.

4. Secure Your Website

Our new privacy settings make it easy to control who sees your photos and videos. Our recommended “Safe” setting locks your photos for verified admirers only, easily securing your privacy. In Safe mode, you don’t have to worry about the general public seeing anything you don’t want them to see. Read more about your privacy settings here.

5. Use a Prop


Photo of Alyson Parker c/o Black Lotus Photo

Strategically using a prop like a book or a fan to block your face can be a clever way to keep your identity under wraps. We like the idea of using an erotic book to show your cheeky side.

6. Wear a Mask


Photo of Chanel Elise c/o Black Lotus Photo

Channel your playful side with a seductive mask. It can hide enough of your face to preserve your privacy without fully covering your features.

7. Use a Hat

Photo c/o Black Lotus Photo

Photo of Melaniee Benson c/o Black Lotus Photo

A wide-brimmed hat can add a touch of class to your shots while successfully hiding your face. Try a floppy beach hat for your bikini shots or a petite hat with a fascinator for a more retro look.

Thanks Alexa, for all of your great tips and for sharing your lovely photos. Visit the online home of Black Lotus Photo to find out more about her beautiful photos or to schedule your own shoot.

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