9 Escorts Share Their Best Secrets


We hope you’ve been enjoying our Escort Spotlight series. In case you’ve missed it, we’ve gathered together the best advice from our most business-savvy clients. Keep reading for their inside secrets for success.

1. Be aware when in appointments

Not everyone is as sweet as us. But don’t forget to have fun! Read more from Desire.

2. Do your research!

Be thorough in your background checks on clients. The more relaxed you are going into an appointment, the better for both parties! Read more from Meichelle.

3. Be safe

Never compromise your safety or dignity for any amount of money. Read more from Gisselle.

4. Invest in yourself

Find a good photographer, always update your image, and never use the same pictures for more than a year. You are a product and you need to keep updating yourself and keep the clients interested in you. Read more from Tracey.

5. Stay organized

Always streamline your duties by keeping your site up to date and making 
sure that the information on your site is in sync with the information you post on other sites, message boards, social media, and on any other platforms you promote yourself. Your information should always be accurate and easily accessible. Read more from Elaria.

6. Invest in the future

Have fun but save and invest some money. And have an exit plan! Read more from Sunny.

7.  Be professional

Always be professional, polite, and punctual. If you act like a lady, most men will be kind and respectful, and treat you like a lady. Read more from Izzy.

8. Make friends

If possible, make at least one friend with another escort. Find someone in the business you can trust and rely on. Read more Serena Sapphire.

9. Be genuine!

Bubbly, personable, positive people are in high demand! Be real, be sweet, be yourself! Read more from Mona.

Thanks again for the stellar advice ladies! If you have your own great advice you’d like to share, let us know if you’d like to be interviewed!

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