9 Fresh Ideas for Your Escort Blog

Your blog offers insight to how your mind works, and your clients will be intrigued by everything you have to share. We’ve been encouraging our users to maintain a blog on their websites since we introduced the feature for our templates. Hopefully you all are taking advantage of it! If you tried out some of our previous blog post ideas, you’ll love these new ones!

1. Post a two-part erotic short story and lock one part (the good stuff) with Pure VIP {this feature is coming soon!}

2. Write about a sexy topic and encourage discussion in the comments

3. Create a sensual playlist to share with your readers

4. Share a few of your intimate fantasies

5. Review erotic books (you can start with some of our faves)

6. If you speak another language, give mini lessons on sexy things your clients can practice saying

7. Show off your cooking skills by posting pics of delicious meals you create (and ones of the cook in lingerie)

8. Post photos of your non-tour travels

9. Create a city guide for your visiting clients


Feel free to add your ideas below!

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