A brand new template to match your mood – meet Ambience

Our mood changes day to day, there’s no reason why your escort website shouldn’t reflect that. The brand spanking new Ambience theme has been built to do just that.

Pick, choose and play with a variety of colours to spice up your website background, whatever seems to tickle your fancy on the day. If you decide that you want to change it tomorrow, you can do that!

One of the major key points of Ambience is that your social media icons are front and centre (okay, to the right) for your readers to see. This feature really is amazing to have as we all know how important social media following is in this industry!


Your menu buttons are also simple but attention grabbing, making site navigation a pleasurable experience for anyone that clicks through to your site. Right below that is a wide open space for you to display up to four of your most tantalizing images. You know what they say, first impressions count!

You also have the opportunity to write a little blurb about yourself to pique a reader’s interest, a great way to have them stay on your site longer to learn more about you.

The Ambience theme is a wonderfully simple yet effective template for your escort website that you can play around with to match your mood. Remember, you can change your template as many times as you like and immediately give your business a refresh!

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