Add A New Custom Page To Your Site

Last week we made a major update to our website manager and template system. Today I’ll explain how to add a new custom page to your website.

1. Select an updated template
In the themes area select a template with (updated) next to it, this means it has been updated to support the new features.


2. Switch on your custom page
There are 2 ways to do this, the first is to go to the ‘settings’ area and tick the box next to the ‘custom’ page:


The second way is to go to the ‘pages’ area and tick the radio button next to the publish page option:


3. Add your content!
The hardest part is deciding what you’ll use the page for, here are a few ideas:

Calendar/Schedule: show you or your model’s availability and tour dates. Read how to add a google calendar to your escort site.

Wishlist: let your clients know what gifts you’re wishing for, never be disappointed again.

Profile: list your vital stats

News/Journal: keep clients updated with your life or agency news

Tweet Feed: automatically show your tweets by integrating a tweet feed into your page

FAQ: answer all those annoying questions before they’re even asked

Videos: upload videos to an adult video host and integrate them into your page

Reviews: make a specific page to link to all your outside reviews

Etiquette: let your clients know how to act before you meet

Our Time Together: let your clients know what to expect during your time together

4. Use your imagination!
I’m always impressed by the sites you all create with our system. Now that there is more flexibility to make the site more unique I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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