Add a YouTube “Subscribe” Button to Your Escort Site

We’ve covered how to add a YouTube video to your adult site’s custom page. YouTube views are awesome – but the holy grail is subscribers because you have a built-in audience for each new video. According to Mashable, YouTube just made it easier for you to get YouTube subscribers:

Until now, the only way you could subscribe to a YouTube channel was on the main site. The video-sharing company has just introduced an embeddable button that you can place on your own website, giving your audience a handy shortcut to subscribe to your video content.

Sweet, right? Adult entertainers can add a YouTube “subscribe” button to any page on your site – here’s how. It looks complicated, but it’s actually pretty quick, honest! First, decide which of the three possible buttons you want: – you can see them on Google’s page here and below:

youtube subscribe buttons

Next, go to Google’s page for the YouTube buttons and scroll down to “Configure a button.” Make sure you have the URL for your YouTube page handy, so you can enter your Channel Name or Channel ID. That will either appear as “” or “” – whatever URL people use to get to your video page. Here’s where you find your Channel ID:

youtube channel for escorts

Copy your Channel ID and paste it into the “Channel Name or Channel ID” box on this page. The code will automatically generate – that’s what you’ll add to your Escort Design site, so copy it:


Now log into the Escort Design site builder and click the Links tab, and then click Add link code (or just click here). Your link doesn’t need a name, but paste the code into the Link Code box like this (and don’t forget to click the update button at the bottom):


Voila! It will look like this on your links page:


You can also add it to other pages, such as your Custom page — especially a good idea if you already have videos there. (Here’s our tutorial on how to add video to your adult site, in case you need a refresher.) In the Escort Design site builder, click the Pages tab (1), then select Custom (2), and then click the </> button (3) to show the source code. Paste in the code YouTube spit out at you earlier (4). Consider adding a call to action first, such as “Like what you see? Subscribe below!”


Ta-da! Here’s what the YouTube “Subscribe” button will look like on your video page:

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