Adding A Link To Your Escort Site

The other day I wrote about why you need a links page on your escort site, today I’ll be talking about how to add text links, banners and link codes to your website.

These are the links I’ll be using as examples:

1) Text link

the text “Escort Design”

will link to

Escort Design

2) Banner link

this image:

will link to

3) Link code

this code:

<div><a href=””>Escort Design</a> | <a href=””>View A Demo Today</a></div>

will create this link:

The old way

Email your webmaster… Call your webmaster… Email your webmaster again (funny, I used to get pretty quick responses before I paid for my site and hosting?), finally get in touch with your webmaster, send your webmaster $50 to add the links for you, webmaster takes about a day for the 2 second task… Sounds scarily familiar? Our website manager has greedy webmasters running scared, literally anyone whose able to use the internet to find this blog post can get a great looking site up and manage it themselves. Just checkout “The Escort Design Way” below to see what I mean.

The hard way

For those of you managing and hosting your own sites with access to the html. If you aren’t that great with html make sure you make a backup copy of any files before editing them just in case you screw it up (happens to the best of us!).

Text link

Copy this text, paste it into the html of your site (just open up your site file in notepad or dreamweaver) and voila, the link will show up: Escort Design

Banner link

1) Upload the banner from your computer to your website server via an ftp program, I use filezilla

2) Copy this text into the html of your site (just like we did for the text link above):

*change to the exact location you just uploaded the banner on your server, eg if you own and the banner file was called my-banner.jpg then you would change the address link to

Link code

The whole point of a link code is that it is already in the format that is ready to be plugged straight into your site, so when an escort directory gives you a link code just copy it into the html of your site like you did with the text or banner link html above:

The Escort Design way

If you’re a client of ours, we have made adding links to your site even easier – checkout the video below. Sorry for the video quality, I was a youtube virgin up till a few days ago…

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