Adding A Video Page To Your Escort Site

Video is a great medium for escorts. It’s the easiest way to prove to potential clients that you are who you say you are and the photos on your site aren’t fake. It’s a lot harder to fake who you are in a video than to steal someone else’s photos!

Not only that, it’s a great opportunity to show your personality and potentially some of your skills! Here’s how:

1. Upload your video to YouTube or an adult host if the content is xxx (e.g. adult space).

2. Get the html embed code for your video:



3. Go to the Pages tab of your Site Builder and click on the Custom (1) page. Then click on the source button (2) of the Page Text box and paste the embed code (3). Under Publish page click the On button (4) to make the page show up on your site. Click the Update page button.


That’s it! When it saves, your custom page will look like this:


…and you’ve got a Videos page!


You can add a video to any page of your site using this same technique.

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