Adding Links To Your Escort Site


Adding links to your escort site is important for your marketing, whether it’s adding return links to directories or links to other escort websites who are returning the favor. Here’s a guide to adding links using our website manager.

Adding a text link

A text link is just that, some text that is linked to a website. This is an example of a text link that points to > Escort Design <


There are 2 components to the text link, the text part and the link part (duh!). So in your link manager there are 2 fields, one for the text and one for the link:


After filling in the 2 fields, click ‘Add Text Link’ and you’re done!


Adding a banner

A banner is the same as a text link except instead of linking text, we link an image (ie a banner). Here is an example of a banner pointing to


There are 2 steps to adding a banner, the first is entering the link URL (ie the website address you want to send people to when they click the banner). Then second is uploading the banner image by browsing for it on your computer.

Click “Add Banner” and you’re done!

Adding a link code

Now the link code is the only one that can get a little confusing but it’s just as easy as the other links to add. Most escort directories will ask you for a return link to them in exchange for putting your listing on their site. Many will give you this in the form of a “link code”. A link code is a bunch of HTML code that can look something like this:

<a href=””>Escort Design</a>


Again there are 2 steps to adding a link code. The first field is “Link Name” and enter text into here that you want to show up on your links area as an identifier for this link. The second field is “Link Code” and this is where you copy and paste the code.

Click “Add Link Code” and you’re done!

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