Alternative to Popular Escort Names

Still working on picking the perfect adult entertainer name? If you loved one of our top 10 escort names, but want to stand out from the crowd, here are some great alternatives to those popular picks:

Candy and Honey

Candy, Kandy, and Honey are all hugely popular adult entertainer names. Here are a few other sweet and happy names that have a similar feel:

Poppy, Sunny, Sugar, Ambrosia, Sundae


Monica and Monika weren’t far behind Candy as our 9th most popular name. Here are some great alternatives:

Veronica, Monique, Veronique, Victoria


Angel, Angelina, and Angie are all popular choices. But with so many other Angels out there (and, of course, the sexy Angelina Jolie), you might want to pick one of these names so admirers can more easily find you:

Harmony, Love, Lena, Jolie, Nevaeh


Jennifer, Jenny, Jeni, and Jen are definite favorites among our users, probably because it’s one of the most popular girl names from the last few decades. Here are some other options:

Ginnifer, Juniper, Guinevere, Gwen, Jana


Kat, Kate, and Katie are all common choices for stage names. How about one of these instead:

Cady, Cody, Dakota, Cat


Nicole, Nikole, Nikki, and Nicki are all hugely popular. But since Nikki is a huge favorite among all adult entertainers and the number one pick for adult film stars, you may want another option:

Kylie, Vicki, Nica, Nico


It’s no wonder that those looking for a beautiful escort name often choose Bella. Here are some other pretty choices:

Izzy, Beau, Mila, Arabella


Jessica, Jess, and Jessie show up a lot on Escort Design. Like Jennifer, Jessica’s also in the top 10 most popular girls’ names from the last 100 years. Here are some alternatives:

Jessa, Tessa, Tess, Yessica, Yasmina


The most popular name on our sites was Lexi, along with Alexandra and its other nicknames. We think you might like one of these less common options:

Lola, Layla, Lulu, Luna, Roxi

Let us know your adult entertainer name in the comments and how you picked it.

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