Announcing New Responsive Themes


Today we’re finally rolling out our new Responsive Themes with some exciting changes! Time to celebrate! Read more below to see what you can expect from these new and improved templates. And join us in the celebration by taking 50% off your first month of Premium membership with the coupon code RESPONSIVE. Just make sure you use it before it expires at the end of September.

Which Templates Have Changed?

Five of our templates look and function better, including Clara and the brand new Angelina. Our other revamped templates have been given new names to reflect their new functionality: Native has now become Sofia, Petiole is now called Laurel, and Elizabethan 2 is now Amelia. Here’s what you can expect from these new and improved templates:

They’re Now Completely Responsive

They’re completely responsive, so they’ll automatically resize themselves whether your client is viewing them on a smartphone, tablet, or computer screen. Try dragging the corner of your web browser to resize it and watch your escort site’s contents shift and resize in real time to make your site look amazing at any size.

What Else Has Changed?

Our Responsive Themes load faster, thanks in part to living on a brand new server (which also boosts reliability). Our tireless developers also fixed bugs and made sure every template adheres to the latest, greatest standards in the web development industry. You’re getting the shiny new car off the lot, not a discounted old beater. Plus, each Responsive Theme features social buttons for email, phone, and Twitter in the color scheme of your choice, making it even easier for clients to find you.

SEO Improvements

From now on, your mobile site will be seen on the exact same URL as it is on a desktop or laptop computer — no more “m” in This theoretically doubles the SEO juice your escort site gets, helping you show up higher in search results and ultimately making it easier for clients to find you.

A Bright Future

Like the chassis underneath your car, the stronger site framework you now have isn’t instantly visible to the naked eye — but it’s a world of good news for you. It enables us to create new templates more easily, which means you can freshen up your site and try out new looks more often. It’s also built on a framework that will enable us to quickly add awesome new exciting features, like that blogging tool you want.

Finally, our developers tested every change exhaustively to make sure your site won’t break even if you jump up and down on it (on second thought, don’t try that).

To change to Clara, Angelina, or any of the other Responsive Themes, log in to the Escort Design site builder and go to the Themes tab. Check out the changes and let us know what you think!

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