Apply The Finishing Touches To Your Escort Site


After adding content to most of your pages and photos to your gallery/models pages you might be stuck for ways to improve the look of your site. Try some of the following to get your site looking as good as any custom design out there!

Update your title

By default your title will be the same as your subdomain eg if your subdomain is then your title will be ‘newyorkgirls’. Update it by adding spaces and capital letters to improve the look.

title-front-end cms-title

Update your tagline

By default your tagline will say ‘Another site’. Although we won’t say no to some free advertising I think it’s a good idea to update this text to something snappy that will entice your potential clients.



Put photos or models on the home page

Your home page is the perfect place to put a few photos to brighten it up and attract your visitors attention!

front-end-home-photos cms-home-photos

Put a photo or model on the about page

The about page can be a bit drab without a photo, tick the about box to get a photo to show up.



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