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Four ways to use Twitter polls to increase calls

Back in 2015 Twitter introduced polls to our timelines. This nifty little tool is a creative way for brands and businesses owners, like you, to understand their audience. If you haven’t yet started to use polls, best you get started! And to help you along, we’ve put together four ways to use Twitter polls to Read More

5 tips for taking a selfie with your smartphone

Professional photos are great but there is just something really fun about a selfie. They are able to show off your personality and are a great way to connect with followers on a daily basis, especially if you are doing something really fun. Please follow and like us:

5 Twitter mistakes that you need to fix right now

Is your Twitter game a bit off the mark recently? Are you not seeing enough engagement or an increase in followers? Sometimes we make small mistakes that have far reaching consequences without even realising it. Are you making any of these 5 Twitter mistakes? Please follow and like us:

Web and marketing jargon decoded

You may know all the lingo when it comes to the escort industry, but the web and marketing jargon is a whole new ball game. We’ve decided to decode the most popular ones to help you gain a better understanding of what’s what in the online niche. Please follow and like us: