Bodyrubs Spotlight: Erika

We love providing our expertise for all of our users, but it can be just as beneficial to hear tips from others who do what you do. Sharing industry knowledge is priceless and sometimes in can be difficult to reach out to your fellow adult entertainer. That’s where our Spotlight Series comes in! Today, we’re featuring Erika, an experienced massage therapist who specializes in everything from Jin Shin Do to hot oil treatments (the sexiest versions of them, of course). We talked to her about her experiences in the industry and helpful tips to share.


Q: How long have you been in the adult industry? Have you always just been a masseuse?

A: I’ve been in the adult industry for 10 years! I started off by being a sensual massage therapist, then eventually upgraded my services to escorting and some amateur porn work. Now I do it all.

Q: Were you nervous or excited to get started? What do you like most about what you do?

A: I know this may sound weird to a lot of your readers, but I feel like I was destined to do this kind of work.  I remember reading books like Madame 90210, PIMP, and The Mayflower Madame when I was a teenager, and was totally fascinated by their lives. So, I was excited more than fearful when I saw my first client. And I know that as a professional it is looked at as tacky to say that I love the money the most, but it’s the money that motivates me to give GREAT service.  It’s the money that helps us adult entertainers bring our dreams into fruition, feed our families, and live the lives that we desire.

Q: What type of clientele do you cater to?

A: The only thing that I require from my clients is that they are OVER 35 and can pay my fee.  Other than that, I have clients from all walks of life.  From Church Pastors, to men on social security and disability.  I really don’t have a particular “type”.

Q: How has your website helped to market yourself in the industry?

A: A good website should feel like a luxury hotel; offering its clients every perk and amenity, so that they can feel comfortable spending their hard earned money.  And if your “luxury hotel” and its owner has a good reputation, you can stay in business for YEARS! So, a good website can help you get business and STAY in business.

Q: What is your favorite feature of Escort Design?

A: My favorite feature is definitely the video option.  I LOVE making naughty videos and video blogs.  It’s also great that I can earn money from my videos. YAY!

Q: Any helpful tips for new adult entertainers or escorts?

A: Be consistent, positive, and fair with your clients.  Your attitude will determine your level of success and how the men treat you in this business. Keep updated pics and content on your site.  Treat your men like you would treat any paying customer at a business that YOU own.  If you owned an upscale suit and tie boutique, you would make sure that your product was exquisite and that your customer was happy.  Escorting is NO different.  It’s YOUR business, YOUR freedom, and the gateway to bringing your dreams into fruition. Treat it well, ladies.


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