Boost Your Google Rankings With The Business Centre

I was asked a great question by a client, she wanted to know how to get her escort agency website listed at the top of the google search results when the map shows up. Google has been showing local business results at the top of certain keyword searches for some time now, here is a preview of what I’m referring to:

As you can see there are a number of listings that show up next to the map, these would get the majority of the attention of anyone searching “New York Escorts”.

Adding Your Business

To add your business to google’s local business directory all you need is a physical address and phone number then signup here:

Adding Your Website To A Current Listing

If your business has a listing in the yellow pages or another large directory then chances are it may already be in the local business centre, as you can see the business “Manhandle-Call Renn Callahan” has a listing but no website attached.

Because there is no website associated with this listing, when you click on it you get taken to this listing page:

This page isn’t very appealing and Renn is probably missing out on a lot of business by not having a site associated with his listing. To add a website to your listing it’s just a matter of clicking the “Business Owner?” link that I have highlighted.

In order for Renn to add a website to his listing or update any of the other details, all he has to do is signup for a google account then click “Edit my business information” – this would be sure to boost his level of inquiries.

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