Brighten Up Your Escort Site's Home Page

I try to eyeball as many client sites as possible to see how they look. That’s how I come up with my twice monthly client showcases filled with great looking sites.

One of the key aspects of having a great looking site is your photos. The human eye is well trained at seeking out the human form. If you’ve got a page with just text on it then you’re not doing much to grab the visitor’s eye. Professional photos look stunning but even photos from your camera phone will do.

Here’s how one such template looks without photos:


and with photos:


Striking, huh? If you don’t already have photos on your home page, here’s how to do it:


login to your gallery (independents) or models (agencies) section then next to the photo or model just tick the ‘home’ button. These photos will then be instantly displayed on your home page!

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