Calendar Setup Part 2 (Walk-Through)

My post about integrating a calendar into your escort website was a bit lazy, so I’ve created a better walk-through. It might seem like there are a lot of steps below but I promise it’s not hard and only takes a few minutes. The calendar is free, functional and looks great:


Signing Up & Editing Privacy Settings
The first step is to signup for google calendar – it’s free and you can use your current google login. Then we’ll need to¬†set your privacy settings so that the calendar is open to the public to view. Once you login you’ll see the page below. Click ‘settings’:


Click “Share this calendar” to access the privacy settings:


Tick the “Make this calendar public” box to set it so anyone can view the calendar then click ‘save’:


Getting the Calendar HTML Code
Now we just need to get the HTML code to paste into your website. Do this by clicking the arrow then selecting ‘calendar settings’.


You can grab your code right away but instead we’ll click the “Customize the color, size, and other options” link to edit the look of your calendar.


This page allows you to edit the look of your calendar, I recommend switching off the title and print icon then setting the width to 600 pixels. Once you change any options you need to click “Update HTML” to update the calendar preview. Once you are happy with the way it looks, select and copy all of the code in the box (this is what we’ll be pasting into your website HTML):


Pasting HTML Into Your Site
Now that you have copied your calendar HTML, it’s time to paste it into a page on your site. Login and selected the page you want to
add the code too then click the ‘source’ button to access your page HTML. Please note that these steps only apply to people using our website manager, signup for a free trial if you want to test it out.


Scroll to the bottom of your page HTML and paste the google code straight in. Next click ‘source’ again to get back to the visual editor.


Your calendar will now be in your page editor, now just click ‘update page text’ to upload it to your live site instantly!


That’s it, your calendar is now online and ready for you to start informing your clients!


Make sure you log out of your google account and view your website to see how it looks to your visitors. If you use google calendar for your personal information make sure you delete anything you wouldn’t want the public to see before putting this on your website. I hope this helps!

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