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Meet Jenna – A New Free Escort Website Template

Why hello there, you gorgeously modern design. You say you’re just a template? Oh, stop! Alright, getting a little carried away. But, please welcome our brand new template, Jenna, to the Escort Design theme collection! She’s sleek, contemporary, FREE, and has a sexy twin named Jacob for the guys (who is really just Jenna in Read More

How to Add a Watermark to Your Escort Photos

If you’ve spent the time to take and upload great escort photos to your site, you don’t want a photo thief to turn around and steal them. Unfortunately, you don’t have to be a computer whiz to copy someone else’s pictures and use them on your website. Adding a watermark to your photos is an easy Read More

Free Escort Website Template: Bohemian

Was that a whiff of jasmine incense? And the gentle clink of silver bangles? Nope, you’re just looking at our Bohemian escort website template! We introduced you to the Bohemian escort site theme in March; now let’s take a closer look. With its Moroccan-inspired curves, floral gradient, and gentle pastels, Bohemian is one of our Read More

New Free Escort Design Template "Skyline"

So we decided after releasing our last free escort template ‘Imperial,’ we would bring you another powerful template.  ‘Skyline’ brings the high-class downtown feeling of a big city right to your escort website.  This brilliant free template displays your content and photos as both a desktop and mobile theme. Just a quick glance at our new Read More