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4 social media trends coming in 2018

Can you believe that 2018 is just a few weeks away, where has time gone?! A new year means new trends, even in social media. Those in the know have released what they believe will be the most popular trends next year and we have the scoop for you. Please follow and like us:

How to grow your Instagram following and get more bookings

With all the new algorithms, it has become quite difficult to grow your Instagram following. Don’t be tempted to buy followers, that solution never ends well. Instead, why not put these tried and tested practices into place and watch your follower count steadily increase. Please follow and like us:

5 steps to the perfect Instagram bio

Instagram is a visual wonderland, a place for you to draw followers in and then direct them to booking a date with you. The problem is that you need these followers to find you, and one way to do that is to have the perfect Instagram bio. Here are a few tips: Please follow and Read More