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5 Twitter mistakes that you need to fix right now

Is your Twitter game a bit off the mark recently? Are you not seeing enough engagement or an increase in followers? Sometimes we make small mistakes that have far reaching consequences without even realising it. Are you making any of these 5 Twitter mistakes? Please follow and like us:

Web and marketing jargon decoded

You may know all the lingo when it comes to the escort industry, but the web and marketing jargon is a whole new ball game. We’ve decided to decode the most popular ones to help you gain a better understanding of what’s what in the online niche. Please follow and like us:

Google Analytics, what does it all mean?

You’ve heard everyone go on about how powerful Google Analytics is, and so you signed up for it and downloaded the mobile app. Turns out, there’s quite a bit of technical jargon going on. But don’t fret, we are here to decode everything for you, and it’s actually really simple! Please follow and like us:

Marketing your escort website

There are so many different options out there when it comes to creating brand awareness online. Different designs, themes and colors as well as different ways to market yourself online; free, paid or simply using a directory, each with their own pros and cons. Please follow and like us: