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Who's Your Measuring Stick?

Being in an industry that lacks trust could be a good excuse to run an opaque business. But what happens when you use the very nature of your industry as a contrasting backdrop to the way you conduct yourself? Improving our openness and switching to a more customer-centric business model has allowed Escort Design to Read More

The World's Oldest Profession

I took this photo on a recent trip to Times Square, New York City. Before reaching this remarkable place, I had been working from my laptop in a nearby hotel room. But was it bittersweet, working so closely with a largely illicit profession? Not at all. I love my work so taking a holiday means Read More

Escorts Protect Your Identity Now

It troubles me to see so many providers working hard to protect your identity by blurring your face or hiding it in photos but then make the biggest mistake of all… Registering their domain non-anonymously. Many of you may not realize but there are simple ways of checking who owns a certain domain name so Read More

SWOP is the Sex Workers Outreach Project

SWOP has some excellent guidelines for how to be an ally with working girls – SWOP is Sex Workers Outreach Project, a group formed to advocate to end violence against sex workers. The Australian chapter describes their mission is described as: SWOP promotes the health, safety and wellbeing of sex industry workers in a way Read More