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Escort Spotlight: Colette

Welcome back to the Escort Spotlight series, where we feature the real experts: You! This week, Colette shows that even if you’re new to the business, you can still be marketing-savvy. Read on for her best tips for targeting her ideal client and which social media site helps her keep in touch with her admirers. Read More

Escort Blog Spotlight

Now that we’re five days into our 12 Days of Blogging Contest, let’s take a look at what’s happening on your blogs. You ladies have been writing about everything under the sun, from what your nail polish color says about you to your favorite childhood memory. Some have given great tips to other escorts and Read More

Escort Spotlight: Joie

Welcome to the Escort Spotlight series where we feature the real escort experts — you! In this edition, Joie gave us a tip-packed interview full of lots of great marketing insights. Find out how this successful escort keeps clients coming in and how she improved her escort website to target her ideal client. Q: How long Read More