Create Your Own Link Code

Link codes are a very common way of allowing another escort site to link to you. It’s a way of making it easy for them to setup the link.

With no link code, you’re sending a potential link partner your banner and url separately, hoping that they’ll have the html skills to add them to their site successfully. There’s plenty of room for making mistakes like mistyping your website address. Improve your chances of getting another escort site to link to you.

Step 1: Get a banner designed
A classy banner design to match your site is important. Remember you’re trying to grab the attention of website visitors so they’ll be inclined to click and visit your site.

Step 2: Upload the banner to your site
Here’s where you get your escort banner online. If you’re using our CMS then it’s just a matter of logging in to your links section and clicking ‘add link’


Step 3: Create the link code
Here is the link code template you will be using:

<a href=”” ><img src=”” ></a>

It is then just a matter of replacing with your website address eg then replacing with your banner url. To get your banner url, visit your links page and right click on your banner then select ‘Copy Image URL’ (this was in google chrome, other browsers might be slightly different but it’ll still involve right clicking the banner).


Then it’s just a matter of finding link trading partners who you can send this link code too!

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