Custom Template Design – Foot Fetish Divas


Today we finished a stunning custom template design. I’m a hypocrite and just the other day said the custom design business model wasn’t a good one compared with templates. I guess we just couldn’t resist!


We believe that our escort websites are of the highest design quality around. The majority of our clients are happy with the huge range of escort templates we offer but it felt wrong not to cater to those clients with very specific needs and tastes. I was blown away by the quality of the work by the designer and programmer who spent many hours perfecting this template. Not only does it look great, it has been coded to the latest HTML standards with tableless CSS.


I liken our custom templates to the racing cars produced by car companies. We really push the boundaries of design and programming then everything we learn feeds back into the templates we produce for clients on the standard templates. It keeps us at the forefront of web design and everyone benefits as a result. This is how we justify dedicating so many of our resources to the work of every custom template.


This client was great to deal with and I hope they enjoy their custom template. The custom templates are perfect for those who want the benefit of the most powerful and simple to use website manager but also have specific tastes for their design. If you’re interested in unrivaled quality for your escort website, signup for free today!

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