Do You Use Vine?

Lately, we’ve been talking a bit about video over here at the ED blog and why you should use video on your escort website. But if you’re a novice, the idea of shooting a video can be a little scary. What are you going to say? What should you do?

A fun idea for something short and sweet would be to shoot a Vine video. If you haven’t heard of Vine, you’ve probably been living under a rock. I kid, I kid. But seriously, Vine videos have exploded on the interwebs this year. For those of you who’ve managed to miss them, here’s the skinny: Vine videos are 6-second videos that are shot on a smartphone and shared through social media. They’re super popular on Twitter and Facebook.

Everybody is sharing fun Vine videos these days, even big companies. If you’re ready to be inspired, here are 6 of the most creative uses of Vine in marketing.

So how can adult entertainers use Vine? Easy! Do a short tease o the latest dance move you’re going to share at the club. Do a quick behind-the-scenes look at your latest photo shoot. Or just share a short and saucy message with your admirers.

The first thing you’ll need to do is download the app for your smartphone. You can find links to the correct version on the Vine website. Then just brainstorm some ideas and get shooting! Here are some tips for shooting Vine videos like a pro. And if you dig that stop-motion effect everyone seems to be using, here’s how to do it.

 How about you? Do you use Vine? Share a link to your videos in the comments.

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