Does Escort Design Care About Me?

This was the question brought to the team and I. The forum post struck a chord so I thought it was a good time to explain our approach to website creation and answer this question in some detail.

The question of whether we care about clients was triggered because this thoughtful client saw that to most new feature requests we say something along the lines of ‘thanks for the feedback, but we’re not planning that any time soon’. This response was interpreted as us not caring about clients by ignoring their feature requests. The opposite is true. Let me explain.

Our focus at Escort Design is on giving you stunning website designs that are easy to manage. We want you to be able to signup and within a minute have a great looking desktop and mobile escort site online. Every additional feature we add to your website manager has to be so good that the vast majority of you will use it. If only a handful of clients find it useful, we’ve just complicated the experience for everyone else for little benefit.

If we added every feature that every client wanted, soon your website manager would be so bloated that doing the important, simple things becomes a pain. There are plenty of design companies that can give you a giant feature list but our focus will always be on ensuring our website manager is powerful and pleasant to use.

So yes, we care about you :)

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