Equal Sized Photo Thumbs Finally!

Today we launched a feature I think you’ll all love! No more ugly gallery pages with different sized photo thumbnails, here’s how…

This update solves your problem of making gallery photos show up with equal sized thumbnails. Previously our software created thumbnails that were proportional to the photos you uploaded. This was ok if all your photos were the same proportions but if you had standing and laying photos chances are they were different proportions.

This left your home page with odd-sized thumbs, looking something like this :


And your gallery page doesn’t look any better with odd-sized thumbs:


Having unequal thumbnails really detracts from the overall classy look of our templates. It was clearly bugging you too as I got plenty of support requests asking how to fix this problem.

One Click Solution
The solution to this problem involves just 1 click. Go to your ‘Pages’ tab then click ‘Models‘ (or ‘Gallery‘ if you are an independent). Here you’ll see 2 new options:

By default your thumbs will be set to proportional but if you click the ‘Equal Squares’ icon your photo thumbnails will all become equal squares:

It takes just a minute to work it’s magic but your photo thumbs will become squares all across your site:


Because we are only changing the thumbnail size, when your visitors click on the photos they will still see them at their full size in normal proportions:

For me this is the biggest update we’ve made to improve the look of your websites and we will continue perfecting our system so your site looks effortlessly stunning!

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