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Now that we’re five days into our 12 Days of Blogging Contest, let’s take a look at what’s happening on your blogs. You ladies have been writing about everything under the sun, from what your nail polish color says about you to your favorite childhood memory. Some have given great tips to other escorts and others have given helpful suggestions to their regular clients. Here are a few fun posts we’ve seen so far:

Sara Toja, a voracious blogger, gives her readers an intimate look into her world with daily blog posts exploring her past and present.

Private School … How it Shaped Me Into a Lady

  • Learned that my sandwich (including a burger) should always be cut in half.
  • My ketchup always goes on the side, never on top of food.
  • When you are served bread & butter, you serve yourself butter onto your plate and you butter as you bite.
  • How to lay my utensils & napkin down when I am finished my meal.
  • How to sail & capsize a Catamaran.  Developed a later love for ocean kayaking.
  • How to play squash (love it) & curl (don’t love it so much).
  • Learned I could wear the colour red.
  • Discovered the scent that I would wear for the rest of my life …. Calvin Klein Obsession.

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And here’s a great one from Colette Curves:


I was a wild little kid.

The house I grew up in bordered a forested area I’d cut through and after a short walk be creekside. A mile by the creek would lead to the river, where I’d spent many days. Days riverside, I’d bring a book and a notebook, and sit and read and write. I had a grey and black tabby and sometimes he’d come with me, sitting with me for a while, then running off into the trees to play. He’d usually be back to walk home with me.

One early summer some of the neighbor boys and I put up a tire swing, and on especially hot days, the book would be forgotten for taking long swings into the river and sunning my clothes dry out on the rocks. I was always barefoot. We’d get clay off the river banks and make sad attempts at pottery that always turned into mud fights and crazy clay stuck all in my curls.

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And here’s an educational piece by Megan:


Despite the fact that a majority of clients look for escorts who are significantly younger than them, a good portion of prospective clients plan on meeting a more mature escort. The older woman/younger man phenomenon of the past couple of decades isn’t lost on the escort industry, as older escorts still garner copious amounts of attention from admirers. What could be the force behind this attraction?

  1. Nothing surprises a mature, experienced escort. Through her years in the industry, she has heard every excuse, request, accusal and plea used by clients. No sex act will surprise her, as she has seen or done it all by the time you reach her. A mature escort has worked enough as an escort to know that her clients are unpredictable. She expects to be surprised, even though she knows she shouldn’t be. Because she expects the unexpected, she is rarely phased or caught off guard by any request you might make. If you are curious about experimenting with a new (to you) fetish or sexual position, it’s likely that your escort can tell you about it. She won’t judge you or change her impression of you, because she knows that clients have many layers to them, including perverse and dark ones. It’s a relief to book an encounter with a mature escort, since you can let your fears go about how she will feel with what you have to offer or what you want to do. If you want to cross dress while you are with her, go for it; she won’t mind. Bondage? She’s probably up for it. Golden shower? She’s not grossed out by talking about it. Even if a mature escort isn’t willing to provide you with the kind of action you desire, she won’t be phased by discussing it.

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How’s your blogging going? Need more ideas? Check out our post on 20 topic ideas for your escort blog. And stay tuned for more highlights from our blogging contest.

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