What Is an Escort Content Management System?

“Escort CMS.” “Escort site builder.” “Escort content management system.” These terms get thrown around a lot, but what do they actually mean (and are they all the same thing)? Today we’ll clear up the confusion.

escort CMS

Our escort content management system (or CMS) is what you see when you log into Escort Design. It’s your dashboard for managing your site: your analytics, photos, reviews, bookings, text, rates, selected theme, title, contact info – everything. We call it the Escort Design site builder, but it’s the same thing as a CMS. Lots of online industries, not just the adult industry, use a CMS to add and edit what’s on their websites. (Content management systems have been around since the late ’90s — just like those overalls and all that neon that’s coming back into fashion.)

Basically, a CMS is the go-between for you and the code that comprises your website. It’s kind of like a translator – you tell it “Here’s a paragraph about my bodyrub skills, and I want it bold and centered,” and the CMS handles programming the code for you (although you can also edit that if you like). A content management system saves you the trouble of also saying “This paragraph should be, oh, 200 pixels down from the top of my site, and in this six-digit color code,” and so on. Who has time for THAT? (Thankfully our developers do, but you’ve got more important stuff on your plate!)

Some content management systems you may have heard of include WordPress and Drupal. If you’ve ever signed up for a free blog online (remember Livejournal and Xanga?), you’ve used a CMS. They’re easy to use (the Escort Design CMS works on your smartphone, tablet, and computer) and much cheaper than paying a web developer to hand-code your site for you. A good content management system will also have SEO tools built in (ours does!) to make marketing your site easy too.

So now you know what an escort CMS is! Toss “content management system” into your everyday conversation and impress people ;)

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