Escort Design Sets A New Benchmark For Mobile Escort Sites


Mobile is the future. Our belief in this fact lead us to create a flawless mobile experience. The first of our desktop templates to receive this huge update isĀ our latest free escort template, ‘Elizabethan 2’. We have set a new benchmark for mobile escort sites. Gorgeous designs in a ridiculously easy-to-use form. Your clients won’t know how to thank you for the experience!

The header matches the desktop version’s typography and styling. Our clever gallery scrolls horizontally and links to larger images (independent version) or your model profile pages (agency version).



I included the 3 most important links on every page, anyone visiting your site can call or email you with just a tap. Makes life easy for your clients.


Pixel by pixel, we created a masterpiece in mobile user interface design. Clients will find browsing your site a breeze on their mobiles.

mobile-models-page mobile-models-profile

No matter what type of smart phone your site gets viewed on, it’ll look brilliant. We haven’t forgotten about landscape mode on the iPhone either. Because the design is fluid, it stretches and shrinks to suit each display!


Your content is pulled automatically from your desktop site, there’s no need to do anything extra to update your mobile site. Visiting your Escort Design site on a mobile will also redirect to the appropriate version automatically. In the footer we include a ‘view full site’ link so mobile users can still access the desktop version.

Our team has set a new benchmark in mobile templates. Over time we will be rolling out mobile versions of all our popular desktop templates. Signup for a free website and experience the future in mobile, today!

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