Escort Domain Registration Debunked

Last month I explained what hosting was and how it worked, this month I’ll tell you a little about domain registrations. There’s not that much to it but I thought some of you might find it useful.

A domain name is a website’s address, what you can type into a browser to visit it. eg our domain name is so if you type that into a web browser you’ll land on our site.

Domains are great because they mean we don’t have to remember a list of numbers like to find our favorite websites. The use of domains by you or I is strictly rental. When you ‘buy’ a domain what you’re actually doing is buying the right to control the use of that domain for a period of time, eg you pay $30 to register a domain for a year, then at the end of that period you’ve got the right to renew and continue using it.

Prices generally range from about $10-$30 per year for the standard .com, .net etc but some of the exotic country domains are more expensive.

The corporation at the center of it all is ICANN, who give domain name registrar’s the right to control the reservation of domain names. The largest domain registrar is Go Daddy, through a company like them you can reserve domain names for multiple years but you’re still only renting it, you don’t own it per se. If you do register a domain and let it lapse, you will have a 30 day grace period in which you can renew the domain before it goes back onto the open market and anyone can snap it up.

Just as a quick aside, I’d like to point out the difference between a domain and a subdomain. When you signup for a free site with us you’ll get a subdomain like:

but if you’re a premium member you can register a domain for yourself like:

Subdomains do not need to be registered like domains, they are just add-ons to existing domains.

There’s a lot to think about when deciding on a domain name for your site, I wrote about how to pick an domain name for your escort site last year. In addition to what I wrote there, it can be useful using your country’s cctld (eg here in Australia) as it can’t hurt your chances of ranking well in your local google search results page.

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