Escort HTML Lesson 1: Adding Your Twitter Feed

The escort website manager we run is designed to be used by people with no technical knowledge but we do include the ability to edit the html of your pages. HTML is the language that your web browser like internet explorer, safari, firefox and chrome use. They read the HTML of your website and learn what layout your site uses, any pictures to include and how to present your text. It takes years to master HTML but it’s very easy to learn. With a few simple tricks you can do some cool things with your site.

Today’s lesson will involve a simple copy-and-paste job that will allow you to add your twitter feed to your site.

Step 1: Signup for twitter if you haven’t already

Step 2: Create your twitter widget here:

Step 3: Copy your widget HTML code


Step 4: Paste your widget HTML code into the html of your website. (If you are using our system it is just a matter of clicking the ‘html’ button on your desired page)

click-html-button paste-html-code

Step 5: Click the CSS button in the top left corner where the HTML button used to be and then “Update Page” to save the changes

Bam! Your twitter feed should show up on your site like this:


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