Escort Link Trading – Finding Partners To Trade With

Getting links to your escort site is vital for your marketing. Once you’ve drafted your proposition email and setup a spreadsheet to track your links it’s time to find people to trade with!

This is where the fun and challenge begins. Your goal is to find as many quality sites to trade with in the least amount of time. I’ve written about how to assess a site’s links for SEO quality here but when you’re just getting started it’s good to not be picky with your choices. Link trade partners won’t be gaining much from trading links with your site so don’t expect too much in return!

Where could you easily find a list of quality sites that are relevant to your business? Exactly where you find everything else these days – Google! Do a couple of generic searches like ‘Your city escorts’ (eg if you’re in New York search ‘New York Escorts’). In general the sites on the first page probably won’t want to trade links because they are already kings of the castle but why not try your luck and ask them. Once you go 2 or 3 pages back in the search results I’m sure you’ll find plenty of sites willing to trade links.

Now that you’ve got a list of the sites linking to your competitor you can visit each of them and ask if they’d be willing to link to you!

If you run out of sites to contact through Google search, you’re doing well and you can contact me for a few more places to find link trade partners. Good luck!

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