Escort Marketing Style!

Last month I gave you a taste of how we’re going to shake up the online escort industry again, in the next few days we’ll be rolling out our new escort directory. We have taken our simple-as-possible approach that has made our websites so successful and applied it to online escort advertising.

We have set it up so from inside your website manager you can select your location and instantly have a profile on our directory that gets updated automatically when you add photos to your site.  Being able to signup for a site and get targeted traffic instantly is something like the holy grail for us. It’s one thing to setup a website for yourself when you’ve got no technical knowledge but the marketing side of things was something we saw a lot of clients struggling with.

Now after a ton of planning and behind the scenes work we’ll be launching in the next few days… Clients check your email inbox, we’ll send out more info shortly!

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