Escort Photographer Profile: I.L. Sensual Photography

If you’re an escort or adult entertainer in the Los Angeles area looking for absolutely stunning photos for your website, then you have to check out I.L. Sensual Photography. Inez Lewis, the woman behind the lens, brings a sexy fashion twist to everything she shoots and wonderfully highlights the beauty found in every body type, age, and complexion. Inez was kind enough to share some of her lovely photos and and her best tips for taking great escort photos. 


Q: How did you get involved in photography? What made you interested in boudoir and lingerie shoots?

Photography came out of nowhere.  I didn’t think about it growing up or have a camera since I was young. I got into modeling in my 20’s, and then got back into it again in my early 30’s. At my last portfolio shoot, the photographer commented that I was way more interested in his job than mine, and maybe I should take a class. So I did. I had never thought about it until he suggested it.

What made me interested in Sensual photography? I spent 2 years being the woman on the other side of the camera.


Q: What should adult entertainers look for in a professional photographer?

Here are couple of things that I think someone should look for in a pro:

A variety of models in their portfolio. Some photographers hire models to make their website look good. When it comes to posing and retouching, models are easy, or they should be anyway. Without seeing a varied portfolio, you really don’t know if they have the experience or skill to work with women that don’t do that for a living or hobby.

Look for consistency in style. I think you should be able to recognize the the photographer’s style in their photos. If you’re picking that photographer because you like some of their photos but not all, you may not get what you liked from your shoot.

Ask if the photographer is good with posing. Most ladies I shoot get a little nervous when it comes to posing. When you as a photographer can step in and show how to best show off your body, the model can then relax and eventually feel comfortable trying their own posses. The goal is always to bring out what is special about you.

Privacy. Discuss up front if the photographer can use a photo with your face showing or if it’s okay for them to use a photo without your face showing. If you don’t want them used in any way, that should be discussed before money is exchanged. Get it in a contract or by email what will be done with your photos after the shoot.

Any photographer is going to want to use a photo they love. That’s how they attracted you in the first place when you looked at their website. However, in this industry, it should be privacy for your clients first. Even when I get permission, if someone changes their mind and requests that I no longer use the photos, I take them down immediately, no questions asked. Privacy and rights is one of my favorite subjects. I’m starting to have ongoing blog posts on this at


Q: What questions should they ask potential photographers?

Ask what the total charges will be. Some photographers are inexpensive up front with the shooting and make most of their profits by keeping the large photo files and charging more on individual retouches. Some photographers make the bulk of their money in the shooting process and don’t do much retouching. Other make additional income with add-on charges like tattoo removal, body shaping, skin smoothing, etc. You want to be clear on every cost and what you get for each. Especially ask if you get all of your photos or just the retouches. I don’t think either practice is bad or good but make sure you are in agreement.


Q: What mistakes do you often see entertainers making in their photos?

One big one that really stands out is trying too hard to be sexy. To me, sexy is subtle. If you pose like a porn star, then you’ll get clients that want that. If you’re more subtle with it, you’re going to attract men who resonate with that. Again no judgement. Most woman I talk to are looking for the latter. The style of your clothing, posing, background, and photography style should directly reflect the kind of experience you want to have in the business.

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Q: What tips would you give them for taking great photos?

Practice, practice, practice. Find a model with a similar body type. Save the photos you love and practice those poses in a mirror. Or have a friend take photos or set up your camera to remotely shoot selfies. You want to practice those poses till you can feel when it looks right.  One of my favorite professional plus models I have worked with says she practices posing and expressions in the mirror daily. When a client comes in putting real effort into posing, it inspires me to see the body and the space we are shooting in in new ways.

To learn more about I.L. Sensual Photographer, make sure to visit Looking for more escort photographers? Check out our profile of Black Lotus Photo.

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