Escort Photographer Profile: Shutterbug Boudoir

We can never express enough how important high quality images are on your escort website. But we know how difficult it can be to find a great escort photographer who not only takes amazing pictures, but is also professional and knows the business. Fortunately, we’ve found just such a photographer and can’t wait to share more about her. Michelle Wild is the talent behind the lens at Shutterbug Boudoir based in New York, where she specializes in beautiful boudoir photography. Michelle was kind enough to share some examples of her stellar shots and also give us some tips on how to take great escort photos:


Q: How did you get involved in photography? What made you interested in boudoir and lingerie shoots?

A: As a kid my passion was always toward being creative. I started as a painter, but making money off of something you are passionate about is not an easy task.  Never giving up, I believed I could make living being creative.

About 15 years ago all the signs were pointed towards photography. I went for it and decided to go back to school and get a degree in commercial photography and have been shooting professionally ever since.

I have been commissioned to shoot a wide variety of high-profile events in the course of my career, photographing people has always been my passion. My ability to help clients relax and feel comfortable in front of the lens is just as important as the creativity and experience I bring to a shoot.


Q: What should adult entertainers look for in a professional photographer?

A: Do they have a professional studio they shoot out of? Are they okay with you bringing a friend/manager to the shoot, so you feel more comfortable? Are they professional in how they treat you and don’t overstep their boundaries? They should give you your images within the week. They should be open to your suggestions on how you want to look in the shoot. And they should give you tips to prepare for the shoot.


Q: What questions should they ask potential photographers?

A: How long will it take to get my images? Do I get to keep all the high resolution images? What comes with my package? Do you have any props? Do you have a website that highlights other escorts you have worked with?

Q: What mistakes do you often see entertainers making in their photos? 

A: The biggest mistake is retouching too much. Clients are very aware of retouching and they don’t want to be surprised when they meet you and you look nothing like your photo. Another mistake I see is not hiring a professional makeup artist or not having enough lingerie, or lingerie that does not fit them properly


Q: What tips would you give them for taking great photos?

A: Practice posing. Look at images online that you like and try the pose … see what works best for your body type. Be prepared and do it on a day you do not have to rush — you want to be relaxed and comfortable. Know what your clients like to see in images. Do they have a particular body part they like or lingerie outfit?

Cater your images to your clients. Take special requests and share certain images with your best clients, as a treat.

Thank you so much, Michelle! What great tips. To learn more about Shutterbug Boudoir, make sure to visit Shutterbug Boudoir.

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